This Slimming Patch improves gastrointestinal movement which helps the body to eliminate residual waste and without any side effects. Eliminating residual wastes from the stomach and body is a natural way of burning fat and losing weight.

  • Ideal for obese, overweight, and postpartum ladies
  • Detoxifies the toxicants accumulated in the body
  • Burns fat and promotes weight loss
  • Main Ingredients: Substrate, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Release Paper, Natural Plant Extracts, Magnetic Sheets


Open the package, take out one piece and stick it on your abdomen or belly button. Use one patch a day, 8 hours for one patch and 30 days for one complete treatment.


Use one patch daily and it should NOT be used for more than three hours each time. The patch should be directly attached to the abdominal area. Continue using it if you feel abdominal pain or slight itching, it's part of the normal detoxification process.

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