Time to step up your waist training! This 25 steel bone waist trainer is going to burn fat around the abdominal area and give you the smallest waist you thought possible! Recommended for people who have already lost most of the desired fat from the midsection and now wanting to increase their hourglass shapes. Order yours now and start working towards your desired shape!

  • Waist training cinchers are great to wear while exercising or working out, it will help you burn fat fast
  • This cincher boosts thermal activity around the abdominal area and gently lifts the underbust
  • Produces high compression, reduces the waistline up to 3 sizes instantly, and has under-bust construction
  • Ideal for runners, joggers, cross fit, athletes, cyclists, tough mudders, field sports, cross training, gym workouts, and office workers
  • Latex material cinchers have a great function of ductility, which means it is a good way to help you keep a good figure and lose weight
  • The inside cotton lining ensure that this latex waist trainer can be used as a sweat-absorbent underwear
  • Has 3 rows of hooks with each row being one inch apart so you can make the most out of your trainer
  • Has 25 steel bones, bend easily but recover quickly to origin
  • Material: Outer - 100% Natural Latex, Inner Lining - 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex
  • Size: XS-6XL


1. Hand wash with bodywash & dry in shade.

2. Please do not use your general clothes size to guess your waist trainer size. Measure your waist size with a soft measuring tape.

3. Measure your waist when you slightly suck-in your tummy and use this measurement to compare against the size chart of this item

4. Please kindly note this Latex corset is mold into an hourglass shape, so if your underbust is dramatically smaller than your waist, you need to go down 1 size in order to make sure your underbust is not too lose when you wear the corset. If your underbust is not dramatically smaller than your waist, please just use the slight sucked in waist measurement to select your size of this item.

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