Drop shipping is an order fulfillment method that does not require you to keep any of our products in stock. Instead, whenever you generate a sale, you will forward the order details to us, make full payment (if the item is going to a third-party customer), and we will ship the order directly to your customer. If the parcel is going outside Lagos, we will forward the waybill or driver's number to you and you forward it to your customer.

We do serious products research on a daily basis and will continue to add new, unique, and hot-selling products to the store so you can make money from your drop shipping business. If you're interested in drop shipping any of our products, please read our terms, conditions, and processes below.


1. The retail prices on our site are also our drop shipping prices and they are our last prices. So, if you wish to drop ship any of our items, you will be buying them at the retail prices on the site. 

2. We do NOT accept or offer payment on delivery (POD) services for drop shipping orders or for parcels that would be going to third-party customers. That is, we will not accept a POD request for a parcel or order that will be going to your own customer. We will only accept or process prepaid or fully paid orders that’s going to someone else.

3. If your customer requests or wishes to make payment on delivery, send a dispatch rider or any delivery agent to pick up the parcel from our store (257, Ijesha road, Surulere, Lagos) after you have made payment. The delivery agent can then help you deliver the parcel to your customer, collect payment, and remit to you. If you’re sending someone to the store, the rider/agent should know who sent him/her, what s/he is picking (name of the item), and the quantity for each item. This is to avoid confusion as we receive different riders/agents on a daily basis.

4. If we are shipping the parcel directly to you and not to your (third-party) customer, you can request to make payment on delivery and we will process it. Please note that we will verify this before accepting your POD order.


1. RESEARCH: Browse through our products or collections and check for the product(s) you would like to drop ship. If you have a particular health niche in mind or a particular health problem you will lito tackle, we can recommend some supplements for the niche or problem.

2. COMMUNICATE: Message us on WhatsApp at 0905 698 5101 (save the number as Ginax Store) to confirm if the product is available in reasonable quantity and also let us know that you would like to drop ship the product. We will respond to you on WhatsApp and give you the necessary feedback.

3. LOGISTICS AND POD: Research and create a list of delivery agents across the country that will help process your doorstep and payment on delivery orders. You will also need one or two delivery agents that will help pick up your parcels (for POD orders) from the store. 


1. Items marked or tagged as 'sold out' on the site are not available in stock. 

2. Combo (bundle) offers most of the time sell faster or better than individual offers.