Hyaluronic acid plays a crucial role in skin moisture. As people age, the moisture in their skin decreases so some people choose to take supplemental hyaluronic acid. Our Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule can help you maintain a youthful appearance and tackle many signs of aging.
  • Promotes skin nutrient absorption and has a strong wrinkle-removing effect
  • Enhances your skin elasticity and delays skin aging
  • Easy to absorb, can be totally absorbed by the skin to keep it moisturized
  • Can effectively increase skin metabolism, skin elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and resist aging
  • Naturally balances your skin's moisture level to improve skin elasticity and banish dull skin
  • Main Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Specification: 7 bottles (2ML) per pack


For our hyaluronic acid ampoules specifically, after cleansing, you'll apply half of an ampoule to damp skin, using half in the morning and a half in the evening for seven days. To open the ampoule, tap the top of the vial and crack it off. Apply the serum inside to the face, neck, and décolleté, massaging upward.

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