We want to inform you that this product will be shipped directly from our supplier’s warehouse in China. It will either be shipped by AIR (3-4 weeks) or SEA (2-3 months) to Lagos, depending on your choice. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding booking your order or shipment, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team on WhatsApp (0905 698 5101) for assistance.


1. The price that’s listed on the item is only the cost price of the item. It does NOT cover the international shipping or local delivery fees. We cam as well inform you of the estimated (not actual) shipping fees of your order before you place your order.

2A. The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for each item is fifty (50) pieces if you want to using the company’s label. That is, you must book at least fifty (50) pieces of each item before we will accept your order. If you book less than 50 pieces, your order might be rejected.

2B. If you wish to brand or use your own private label on any product listed in the Ginax Global collection, the MOQ is 500 pieces. We can design a label for you FREE OF CHARGE with your own brand name or logo. The private label will be attached to your products after you have confirmed the design. All we will need is a digital copy of your logo or brand name and other necessary information you might want us to add on the label.

3. We will NOT accept any POD (payment on delivery) or part-payment request for items listed in the Ginax Global collection. You will make full payment (total cost of items only) before we will process your order.

4. For orders that have been booked with our suppliers in China, a refund request will NOT be accepted. So please, you need to be sure that you need the items and can wait for the shipping duration before making payment.

5. Once your goods arrive at our shipping agent’s warehouse in Lagos, we will inform you of the international shipping and local delivery fees. The international shipping fee is your shipping plus clearing fees while the local delivery fee is the fee that will be used to transport your goods from the shipping agent’s warehouse to our packing store. Failure to pay your international shipping fee means your goods will be left at our shipping agent’s warehouse.

6. Please note that your international shipping fees goes to the shipping company and not to Ginax Store. If you refuse to pay your shipping fees and your goods are not cleared in or within a month (30 days) after arrival in Lagos, the shipping company has the right to either destroy or sell off your goods and you will NOT be compensated or refunded. This is their policy and Ginax Store has no control over it.

7. If your items are missing or not complete when picking up at our store, please inform us immediately and we will compensate you according to the purchase value. Once you LEAVE our store, we will not be responsible for any missing or lost items.

8. We normally charge a local delivery fee that will be used to transport your goods from our shipping agent’s warehouse to our packing store. The fee ranges from #1500 to #20,000, depending on the quantity, size, and/or weight of your goods. Please note that this fee is different from the WAYBILL fee. A waybill fee will be charged if you want us to send your goods from our packing store to your desired location.

9. Ginax Store will NOT be held liable or responsible for the following: Delay in shipment or arrival of goods, quality of goods, customs seizure of goods, fluctuations in shipping or exchange rates, damage or breakage of goods during shipping, incomplete or missing goods, unfavorable weather conditions, absence of NAFDAC number on certain goods, and other risk factors associated with the importation business that are beyond our control. In any of these cases, we can only liaise with the supplier or shipping company, depending on the issue.

10. Ginax Store does NOT offer warehousing or stockpiling services. Once your goods arrive at our store, you are either meant to pick up or request for it to be delivered to your location. Any order or item that’s not picked within 3 months, will either be dashed out, auctioned or destroyed, and you will NOT be refunded or compensated.

11. For items that are due for pick up and are left unpicked or abandoned at our packing store, Ginax Store will NOT be held responsible if there’s a fire incidence, robbery, flood, or other human or natural disasters, and we will NOT be held responsible for any missing item.

12. Once your items or order is available for pick up, you can either come and pick up or send someone or any delivery agent to pick up for you at: 257 Ijesha road, close to Nana Zee’s Place, around new NEPA office, Ijesha bus stop, Surulere, Lagos. Please call or message us on WhatsApp (0905 698 5101) before coming or before sending someone.

13. If you want us to deliver your goods to your location, deliveries within Lagos will take 1-3 days and deliveries outside Lagos will take 3-7 days, depending on your location. We will need the following information: Receiver’s name, mobile number, description of the item, quantity for each item, and the address (if within Lagos) or location (if outside Lagos). You will receive a waybill or driver’s number once your delivery is processed.

If you do not agree with any of our terms and conditions, please do NOT place your order. Placing an order with us means you have ACCEPTED and AGREED to all our terms and conditions.