Do you often feel weak or fatigued? Our Energy Tonic Tea is specially blended for people who feel weak, fatigued, impotent, nervous, and suffer from immunity deficiency. After a day’s work, a cup of this tea will help relieve fatigue, enhance your mood, strengthen your body immunity, gradually darken your hair, boost your energy, and enhance the stamina you need to perform well during sexual intercourse. 

This herbal tea contains natural ingredients such as Maca Powder, Cordyceps Militaris Extract, Chinese Wolfberry, Sealwort, Raspberry, and Orthosiphon Aristatus. There are also 20 teabags per pack. Order yours now!


Put two (2) teabags in a cup of hot water, leave it for 3-5 minutes, stir, and drink. Take the tea twice a day, morning and night. You can also add lemon or honey according to your personal taste.


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