Do you want your vagina to feel fresh and clean all the time? We are revolutionizing the female experience by creating healthy, thoughtful, and innovative products to care for your private part — so you can move fearlessly through periods, bladder leaks, post-birth recovery, and other natural experiences. Our slightly scented feminine wet wipes can be used during menstruation or for everyday use to clean and protect the vagina from infection. They are healthy, pH balanced, super soft, cleansing, moisturizing, biodegradable and flushable wet wipes. Order yours now!

  • Soft, wet and safe for your most sensitive skin
  • Prevent unpleasant odors and perfect for use during menstrual periods
  • Can be used after visiting the bathroom or after using a public toilet
  • Perfect for use before and after sexual activities
  • Can be used after parties and events
  • Can be used while traveling or camping and they are very portable and light
  • Help keep your vagina pH balanced and in optimal health
  • 100% biodegradable and easily flushable
  • Main Ingredients: Non-woven fabric, Cnidium, Chamomile extract, RO Pure Water


1. For external use only.

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