Introducing our revolutionary Folic Acid Effervescent Tablets, a natural and powerful formula designed to enhance your overall health and well-being. Packed with carefully selected ingredients like Folic Acid (5.90mg), Ferrous Gluconate (237.70mg), and Vitamin C (1220mg), each tablet offers a multitude of benefits to support your body's needs.


By incorporating our Folic Acid Effervescent Tablets into your daily routine, you will enjoy a multitude of wonderful health benefits:

1. Treat Folate Deficiency: By supplementing with Folic Acid, our tablets provide your body with an adequate amount of this vital nutrient, preventing deficiencies and associated symptoms like anemia and fatigue.

2. Prevent Birth Defects and Pregnancy Complications: Folic Acid is crucial for expectant mothers, as it helps prevent neural tube defects in developing fetuses. Our effervescent tablets provide the recommended daily dosage to support a healthy pregnancy.

3. Maintain Brain Health: Folic Acid has been linked to cognitive health, supporting memory function and overall brain health. By nourishing your brain with this nutrient, you can promote optimal cognitive performance.

4. Treat Mental Health Conditions: Adequate levels of Folic Acid have been associated with a reduced risk of depression and anxiety. Our tablets provide the necessary supplementation to support mental well-being.

5. Reduce Heart Diseases: Folic Acid helps maintain cardiovascular health by regulating homocysteine levels, a compound linked to heart disease. By taking our tablets regularly, you can contribute to a healthier heart.

6. Control Diabetes: Studies have shown that Folic Acid may play a role in managing blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes. It offers potential benefits in glycemic control and overall diabetes management.

7. Boost Fertility in Women: Folic Acid is essential for women planning to conceive, as it supports healthy ovulation and reproductive health. Our tablets provide a convenient way to ensure you have an ample supply of this crucial nutrient.

8. Reduce Inflammation: Folic Acid possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which can help alleviate symptoms associated with inflammatory conditions, such as joint pain and swelling. By incorporating our effervescent tablets into your daily routine, you can potentially experience relief from inflammation and its related discomforts.

9. Prevent Kidney Disease: Folic Acid has been shown to contribute to kidney health by reducing the risk of chronic kidney disease and slowing its progression. Our tablets provide a convenient and effective way to support your kidney function.

10. Reduce the Risk of Stroke: Studies have indicated that Folic Acid supplementation may help lower the risk of stroke, particularly in individuals with high blood pressure. By including our tablets in your daily regimen, you can take proactive steps towards stroke prevention.


Let's delve into the incredible natural ingredients in this exceptional supplement:

1. Folic Acid: This essential nutrient plays a crucial role in preventing folate deficiency, a condition that can lead to anemia, weakness, and fatigue. By supplementing with Folic Acid, you can ensure your body has an adequate supply of this vital vitamin.

2. Ferrous Gluconate: A form of iron known for its high bioavailability, Ferrous Gluconate aids in maintaining healthy red blood cell production and helps combat iron deficiency anemia. It provides the energy you need to tackle each day with vitality.

3. Vitamin C: Renowned for its immune-boosting properties, Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps strengthen your body's defenses against harmful free radicals. It also aids in collagen synthesis, contributing to healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Each tube contains 20 high-quality effervescent tablets, ensuring a sufficient supply to support your health goals. The effervescent format offers a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate this powerhouse supplement into your daily routine.

Unlock the potential of your health with our Folic Acid Effervescent Tablets and embark on a journey towards vitality, wellness, and longevity. Embrace the power of natural ingredients and give your body the support it deserves. Try our effervescent tablets today and witness the remarkable difference they can make in your life.


Put one (1) tablet into 100ml warm water, leave to dissolve, and drink it after the tablet has fully dissolved.

Take 1 tablet per time, twice per day in the early period of pregnancy, and three times per day in the middle and late periods.


Take 1 tablet two times a day during the early period of your pregnancy, and three times a day during the middle and late periods of your pregnancy.


The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for folate (folic acid) is listed in Dietary Folate Equivalents (DFEs). This unit of measure accounts for the differences in how your body absorbs folate from foods and folic acid from fortified foods and supplements.

Your body absorbs natural folate about half as well as folic acid from supplements. Adults need about 400 mcg DFE of folate each day. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, folate needs can increase. The RDA during pregnancy is 600 mcg DFE.

Your body stores 15–30 mg of folate. Most of that folate is in your liver, and the rest is in your blood and tissues.

The RDA for folate for infants, children, and teens is:

  • Birth to 6 months: 65 mcg DFE
  • Ages 7–12 months: 80 mcg DFE
  • Ages 1–3: 150 mcg DFE
  • Ages 4–8: 200 mcg DFE
  • Ages 9–13: 300 mcg DFE
  • Ages 14–18: 400 mcg DFE

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