• T - Thigh Trimmer
  • W - Waist Trainer
  • B - Butt Lifter
  • T - Tummy Trimmer
Our TWBT High Waist Belt with Tummy Strap is a must-have body shaper if you want to enhance those curves and look sexier. Instead of wearing different belts that will tuck your tummy, trim your thighs, lift your butt, and shape your waist, you can get it all from this single and powerful belt. As you work out, it will help flatten your tummy, lift your butt, tone your thighs, and give you that desired shape and sexy curves you have been craving for.
It's ideal for everyday use and you can easily adjust the thigh section with help of the 3-strap sticky hooks as you progress in losing weight. The tummy section is also adjustable for better exercise. Start getting those sexy curves now!
  • Designed to strategically trim your tummy, lift your butt, melt that undesired fats in your thighs, and shape your waist
  • The high waist design is to provide target compression that can trim your tummy
  • Supports effective thigh compression and helps increase blood circulation around your waist and thighs
  • Provide therapeutic thermal compression for thighs
  • The curved design can better adapt to the hip curve, making your movement more comfortable.
  • Promotes an unmatched level of durability and flexibility as you work out
  • The detachable wrap strap at the waist provides strong compression support
  • Features a 3-strap sticky hook that's designed to allow you to adjust the compression or amount of tightness on both your thighs to a comfortable level
  • Specifically designed to improve your workout and soft against the skin
  • Can be used during any kind of activity such as cycling, running, training, rowing, walking, and lounging in the comforts of your home, or perhaps even when gardening
  • Stretchy, soft, comfortable, and the design is anti-slip

  • Has been tested numerous times for comfort and support in the gym
  • Made from high-quality latex-free neoprene material
  • Sizes: M (can be used by those with sizes S, M, and L) and XL (can be used by those with sizes XL, XXL, and XXXL)
  • Material: 80% Neoprene, 20% Nylon


1. Lightly wash with hands with a maximum water temperature of 40°C (short washing time).

2. Do not wring dry.

3. Do not machine wash.

4. Do not dry clean.

5. Avoid long exposure to sunlight.

6. Do not iron.

7. Please refer to our size table for size assistance.

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