Do you know the benefits of taking fruits juice on a regular basis? More and more research shows that drinking fruit and vegetable juices on a regular basis can bring many health benefits which includes boosting your immune system, detoxifing or cleansing your immune system, improving weight loss, preventing cancer, and improving your overall body health! You don't need to worry about electricity as this juice machine is manually operated. Order yours now!

  • Can be used at any time and in any occasion to make fruits or vegetable juice and protein or milk shakes 
  • Does not require electricity or battery 
  • Has a powerful ABS screw propeller ans a manual slow squeezing technology that retains the fruit nutrients, produces fresh flavors, and efficiently separates the juice from the pulp 
  • Made from high quality plastic, lightweight and durable. Each part has been designed for safety use
  • Easy to use and clean, and will greatly recommend it for people in the juice-making business
  • Ideal gift for a healthy family

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