• Relieve chronic prostrate
  • Reduce enlarged prostate
  • Stop frequent urination
  • Eliminate painful urine
  • Relieve testacular pain
  • Cures erectile dysfunction
  • Improves sexual function
  • Stimulate blood circulation

As men advance in age, they will need a more balanced nutrition that will help them maintain a healthy prostate. Most prostate issues are not recognzed at the early stage, which can be deadly and almost a half of male population between the ages 20-50 has been or will be affected by this disease at some point of their lives.

Our Prostate Tea is good for preventive measures and for maintaining a healthy prostate. It can also shrink enlarged prostate, reduce frequent urination, stop painful urination, relieve weak urine flow, and boost the urinary tract system.

We also have Prostate Health Capsule and Prostate Tablet with Saw Palmetto in stock. You can use them alone or together with the tea.

  • Stimulates blood circulation around the prostate gland
  • Heals enlarged prostate and scrotal pains
  • Enhances sexual endurance and prolong sexual intercourse in men
  • Stops frequent, urgent and painful urination
  • Ingredients: Dandelion Desmodium, Common Peony Root, Herba Lycopi, Field Pennycress
  • Specification: 20 teabags per pack


1. Men who experience frequent urination, urgent urination, urinary incontinence, dribble urination, etc.

2. Men who want to improve their sex lives. Men who suffer from testicular pain, aching back and knees, deficiency of libido, erectal dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

3. People who have been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). Chronic prostatitis can be caused by longtime sitting, cycling, drinking alcohol and even catching a cold. Long-term chronic inflammation causes fibrosis of the urethra and bladder neck and urethral stricture. The subjective symptoms are dysuria and nocturnal urination. Severe chronic
prostatitis can cause partial infertility. Hyperplasia of the prostate (prostate enlargement) can lead to renal insufficiency.


To achieve best results, start your treatment with at least 2-4 teabags daily for 1-4 weeks. After that, you may lower the daily usage to 1-2 teabags.

Put 1-2 teabags in a cup of hot water, leave it for 5-10 minutes, squeeze the teabag to ensure the maximum goodness is in your cup, then drink. Take 1-3 cups per day, depending on how enlarged your prostate is and use for a minimum of two months for beneficial effects.


1. Do NOT use too much salt in your diet during treatment.

2. Do NOT drink alcohol or carbonated beverages during use.

3. Do NOT apply the “Prostatic Navel Plaster” directly on open wounds, scratched skin or lacerations.

4. Do NOT apply the plaster if you are allergic to adhesive tape or to any of the components used in making the Prostatic Navel Plaster.

5. This product can NOT be used as a substitute for drugs.

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