Our Silicone Toe Separator works as a spacer to separate overlapping toes and correct bunion toe issues without surgery. It will seperate and properly realign overlapping, bunion and hammer toes, and relieve toe joint pains.

This product has a unique design and with long-term use, it can correct or guide the toes to grow in the right direction.

 loop design that will make it stay put and can be comfortably worn for running, climbing, hiking or doing other sporting activities.

  • Suitable for hallux valgus toes, bunions, foot crutches, and overlapping toes 
  • Can relieve pains caused by incorrect growth of toes
  • Has 2 sizes to meet the needs of different toes
  • Can be comfortably worn with socks and shoes
  • Designed to imitate the shape of human toes
  • Suitable for a variety of shoe types, you can use it anytime, anywhere 
  • High-quality, stretchy, durable and reusable
  • Made of comfortable and soft silicone, and fairly good elasticity 
  • Not easy to deform, very durable, and comfortable to wear
  • Made of silicone and gel lining
  • Colour: Transparent Blue
  • Material: Silicone 
  • Sizes: M and L 
  • Package: 2 pieces (Size M) and 2 pieces (Size L)


1. Put the silicone orthosis between the two toes.

2. Put on a tight or fitting socks to prevent it from moving.

3. If you want to go out, just put on your shoes.


1. Our product is only suitable for people with mild and moderate hallux valgus. If hallux valgus has reached a severe degree, please consult a joint/bone specialist doctor.

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