Are you getting tired or frustrated with eating cold meals at work? Don't worry and allow me to introduce this NEW and INNOVATIVE thermal electric lunch box to you! You can not only use it to store your meal, but to also warm it whenever you're ready to eat. You can even power it with your small generator and it doesn't take long before it will warm your food. Order yours now!

  • Can be used to cook or warm your sauce or food
  • Capacity of 1.3L
  • Contains 2 stainless steel plates and 1 egg rack
  • New upgrade lock design
  • Invisible double-foldable handle
  • Made of PP and SUS304 stainless steel plates
  • Fully fitting silicone seal
  • Specification: 235W, 50Hz, 220V
  • Material: Food-grade PP 
  • Weight: 0.8kg per piece
  • Colors: Pink, Brown 


1. Put an appropriate amount of water into the lower compartment of the lunchbox using the attached cup. The included reference table will suggest how much water to add to achieve the desired length of steaming time.

2. Place the food trays and stack them on top of one another. You may use other food trays/containers of a similar size as long as it is heat-resistant and fits within the lunch box.

3. Close the upper cover, plug in the lunchbox, and press the power button. The lights on the front of the lunch box will indicate if the steaming has started.

4. Once the water used for steaming is completely boiled off, the lunchbox will automatically power off. The lights will indicate that the food has been cooked.

5. Please wait a minute before opening the lunchbox, handle with caution as there can be leftover steam that may be very hot. Use the upper handles to lift the lid, do not use your hands directly.

6. Open the lunchbox, carefully bring out the stainless steel plates, and enjoy your warm meal!

7. If you would like to cook rice, the water used for steaming and the water used to cook the rice should be separate. The rice and the water used to cook the rice should be put in the large food tray, while the water used for steaming should still be put in the lower body of the lunch box.


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