Are you suffering from vaginal infection or gynecological issues? Our high-grade Yoni Detox Pearl (Clean Point) is very effective in treating abnormal vaginal discharge, vaginal itching, irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, cervicitis, cervical erosion, vaginal inflammation, vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, hysteromyoma, infertility, fallopian tube blockage, ovarian cysts, disease of the vulva, appendagitis, uterine fibroid, oophoritic cyst, endometritis, and vaginal infection (colpitis).

Yoni pearls can be used to tighten and nourish the vagina, regulate qi and blood, promote beauty, prevent gynecopathy, increase the viability of uterine cells, and improve vaginal elasticity.

  • Consists of a variety of purely natural and precious traditional Chinese medicines, no chemical additives and no side effects
  • Strongly absorbs toxins from the uterus, and fundamentally prevent and cure various gynecological diseases
  • Can activate activity of vaginal cells, clean drug residue in the body, help in cell regeneration, improve the vitality of uterine cells, repair necrotic cells, promote smoothness and restore muscle elasticity in the vagina
  • Will not dissolve in the vagina, will not cause siltation residue, and consumers can be rest assured of its effective use
  • Can maintain ovaries, adjust endocrine, effectively activate ovarian cells, keep ovaries in the best state, and finally achieve the normal function of ovarian hormones
  • Promote blood circulation in the vagina 
  • Ingredients: Leonurus,Cortex phellodendri, The rhizome of chuanxiong, Cnidium monnieri, Panax notiginseng, Sophora flavescens, Angelica sinensis, Radix stemonae, Dragon's blood, Saffron, Daemonorops draco BI, Broneolum Syntheticum, Myrrh, Malogranatum
  • Quantity: One pearl per sachet
  • Specification: 1.2g per pearl


Yoni pearl is a blend of herbs that’s are wrapped in a mesh type of cloth about the size of a dime. Yoni pearls are inserted into the vaginal canal as you would a tampon and is left in the vagina for 2 days. Each session is 2 days in length. Some women allegedly need 4-8 sessions and apparently the pearl is supposed to have the same benefits of steaming.


1. People with abnormal vaginal discharge (Leucorrhea), vagina itching, irregular menstruation, and menstrual pain.

2. People with endometritis, cervical erosion, annex inflammation, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory, yeast infection and other kinds of gynecological diseases.

3. People with ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and other uterus diseases.

4. People with melasma, dark spots, and bad sexual life.


NOTE: 1 Treatment = Using 3 Yoni Pearls 

1. For mild infection, you will need 1 treatment (3 yoni pearls). In the case of chronic infection, you will need 2-3 treatments (6-9 yoni pearls).

2. In the case of endometriosis and vaginal inflammation, you will need treatment 4 treatments (12 yoni pearls).

3. In the case of pelvic inflammatory disease, you will need 5 treatments (15 yoni pearls).

4. In the absence of any acute/chronic gynecological diseases, use at least 2 yoni pearls per month for preventive purposes.

5. After sexual intercourse, you may use 1 yoni pearl to eliminate the risk of any bacterial infection.

6. You may use our yoni pearls while traveling as a preventive measure against possible bacteria (from any public toilet you might use while traveling).

7. You may use 1-3 yoni pearls after swimming in a public pool for prevention purposes.

8. In case of abortion, it's recommended to use at least 3 yoni pearls for vaginal cleansing.


NOTE: Please make sure the tail-end of the thread or rope is sticking outside your vagina, that's what you will hold and draw to remove it. See one of our attached videos on how to lose the thread before inserting the pearl.

Step 1: After rinsing the vagina and vulva at night, put one piece into the vagina at approximately 7cm deep, and leave it for 2 days (48 hours). You can also use our yoni pearl applicator to insert the pearl into your vagina.

Step 2: Remove the pearl after 2 days, clean the vagina with warm water and allow the vagina to rest for 24 hours (1 day).

Step 3: After resting the vagina for 1 day, take a new pill and put it in. 

Step 4: After you have completed your cleanse or course, use 1-2 pearls per month to sustainably clean the uterus, vagina and other reproductive organs, and to prevent gynecological diseases and protect the vagina.


Step 1: Generally, the pearl will remain in your vagina for 2-3 days and after pulling it out, you will notice that the pearl is now bigger than before. This is because it has absorbed lots of toxins from the vagina and that it has stopped your vaginal itching, pain, odor, and other gynecological symptoms.

Step 2: Erosion, thick secretions and bacteria absorbed in the pearl were discharged continuously. Urinary frequency and urgency will disappear gradually, leucorrhea (a whitish or yellowish discharge of mucus from the vagina) will reduce and your vaginal odor will disappear.

Step 3: Enhance the vaginal tissue metabolism, quicken the healing of any vaginal and uterine wound caused by childbirth or abortion, and restore the smoothness of your vagina.

Step 4: Ovarian androgen secretion of hormones will return to a normal level, it will regulate blood flow and balance the endocrine.


1. Use it 7 days BEFORE or 4 days AFTER your menstruation period.

2. Do not use during menstruation.

3. Do not use on pregnant women or virgins.

4. Do not have any spicy food during use. 

5. Avoid using the pearl if you are allergic to any ingredients used in making the pearl (see the ingredient listing above).

6. Do not chew or ingest our tampons.

7. Do NOT drink any alcohol during use.

8. Avoid having sexual intercourse during treatment. In case you wish to have sexual intercourse, you must remove the tampon, thoroughly rinse your vagina with warm water, and wait 3 hours prior to having intercourse.

9. You may soak the pearl in a glass of water and use the liquid for douching.

10. Use immediately after opened. Broken pads are forbidden to use.

11. It is normal that some patients will experience itching and some pains during first or initial use. If the itching or pain continues and become severe, please stop use immediately, rest the vagina for 1-2days, and use again.

12. It is normal if you're expelling toxins from the vagina after using 1-2 pearls. Please feel free to continue use.

13. Women are more likely to develop uterine fibroids as they age, a condition caused by hormonal imbalances. If the tumor size is less than 5CM, drug treatment(Yoni Pearls) can be adopted to control the growth of fibroids. If the tumor size is more than 5CM, the doctor will recommend surgical treatment. At the same time, patients are advised to visit the hospital every six months during the treatment period to check the size of the fibroids.

14. Never use excessive force to insert the pearl.

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