• Relief vaginal itching
  • Support intimate health
  • Promote hormonal balance
  • Moisturize and lubricate vagina

Give yourself an instant feeling of freshness with our natural Intimate Yoni Oil Spray! It's 100% organic, non-irritating and contains all the natural ingredients that can relief vaginal itching, support intimate health, promote hormonal balance, moisturize and lubricate the vagina, promote fast healing of vaginal tears, promote regeneration of healthy vaginal tissue, and prevent some gynaecological infections.

  • Works quickly by neutralizing odors, and balancing pH
  • It will leave your private parts smelling sweet, feeling fresh, and staying odorless
  • Can be used to freshen panties, liners, and pads
  • Can be used as a quick, cooling deodorant for the underarm
  • No perfumes or crazy chemicals, 100% organic
  • Neutralizes the bacteria that cause (vaginal) odor
  • Perfect for use on the go and for daily use


Remove the cap, hold the bottle 8-12 inches from your vagina, then press down on the top to spray. Spray 1-2 pumps, or as desired, on the external parts of the vagina. It can be used: after taking a shower or bath, before and after intimacy, after using the restroom, after the gym, or anytime you just need a quick freshen up. It can also be used to reapply organic natural deodorant. Put one in your purse for on the go.


While the vagina is self-cleansing, there are many factors that could throw off its natural balance, such as an improper or off-balance diet that is high in sugar, bacteria growth from sweat, exercise, and sexual activity, and certain medications, improper hygiene habits, and more. With proper diet and hygiene habits, it is possible to maintain a healthy, balanced Yoni.

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